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Album Release

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Find the album “BAD COMPANY” of Ras Jumbo released on 09/11/2018 on the best digital platforms:


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David JNO BAPTISTE aka Ras Jumbo, is a composer, song writer, singer and musician from the English speaking Caribbean island of the Commonwealth of Dominica 🇩🇲. Island of 365 rivers and called Waitukubuli during the pre Colombus era.Born into a modest family, he was given a religious up-bringing by his parents, Dorothy née Hill and father, Gerald Jno Baptiste, who was a multi-instrumentalist. He played keyboards in church, the accordion, the guitar and the banjo.

David grew up to the sounds of gospel music.

His first musical experience was in this context. He was raised up listening to Country, Blues, Rock, Caribbean music, and popular Calypso. He formed his first group, WAX POWER VIBRATIONS, when he was at secondary school, and became their guitarist. The local group BLACK SEEDS, rehearsed in a small venue in his village and one day suddenly, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant appeared, and they joined them for a “jam session” – an unlikely encounter with Led Zeppelin!

He recorded his first album in Martinique, at the 3A studio, for HIT-PARADE production. He left for Guadeloupe, and played with the band NEW EXAMPLES with whom he performed in the surrounding islands. He travelled to France with them, where he met Manu Di Bango. He accompanied and composed for various well-known artists: Alpha Blondy for 5 years, Tony Allen, Princess Erika, Jeff Joseph (the late),Jimmy Cliff, Pablo Moses and many others.  He toured with Burning Spear and Pierpoljak. His meeting with Tiken Jah was the start of 12 years spent touring around the world, and resulted in a gold record “L’Africain”.

Having accompanied so many well-known artists, his passion for music led him to create his own album, a dream come true. LOVE, a self-portrait, came out on March 15th 2017, thus opening up a solo career for him.

His second album: BAD COMPANY comes out on …… 2018 .

His music crosses and mixes Caribbean rhythms, reggae, RnB or jazzy sounds: an amalgam of world music, with Rasta spirituality as the foundation . Attached to his cultural roots, he writes texts that are full of love, sharing, tolerance and peace. His performance on stage is bursting with poetry, sensuality, generosity and humility. This is an album he really wants to share with us.


Whether you like my music or just want to say hello, give me some news. Follow me on social networks or just use this form to send me an email.

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